Hours: Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday - reserved for large groups such as reunion, company and retreats. Call or IM for RSVP! Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, open to the public 12:00pm-8:00pm Call 435-200-5050 for more information or for group reservations. Mountain Biking: Open Saturday August 13th - Ride the lift from 12pm to 6pm - FREE for Season Pass Holders! Rates: $15 Mountain Biking - ride the lift to the top (free for Season Pass Holders) $8 Water slides (2 Water slides on 2 hour block) $15 all access all day (includes X4 Ultimate Bungee, Shoot and Shower and 2 water slides) $50 for 4 individuals all access all day (includes X4 ultimate bungee, Shoot and Shower and 2 water slides) $5 X4 Ultimate Bungee (2 jumps 10 min each) $7 Kiiking swing (2 swings)   Buy you season ski pass pass now starting at $99 get summer fun for free. (see all disclaimers, rules and general info at the mountain)
**The Place To Be**  Come On Up!
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